Great job on Water Week activities!  Emily, Valerie, and Emma did a great job planning and presenting games, skits, and information in a fun way.  Students were very interested and learned a lot from the activities. 
Mrs. Lund

Yesterday, Mrs. Dwyer's 1st graders were taught about the rain garden by 5th graders-Elizabeth F., Tiffany S., Ashley P., Brooke G., Elly D., Abby R., and Priscilla P.. In talking with the class, we talked about keeping trash from getting in the storm drain near the garden. One of the students told me that if plastic bags get into the storm drain, they go into the river. From there, they might make it to the ocean. Because they look like jellyfish, they are often eaten by sea turtles who love jellyfish. They make the sea turtles sick.
This was almost verbatim from the Water Week skit called "Turtle Trouble" performed by Emily, Valerie, and Emma about two weeks ago. Other students mentioned the plastic "6-pack" rings and even plastic bottles as dangers for marine life. You girls made an impression on the first graders! Well done!!!


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